Many Men In Dresses.

Also, poor Conductor is my husband.

I'm Lizzy.

I like girly, creepy, cute things.

And shipping.

I’m making a new tumblr, everyone.

I’m done. Ask box is closed. I’m not gonna deactivate right now (unsure if I will at all, to be honest since there’s a lot of stuff I want to leave behind) but I feel as though I need a new start and the stuff I’ve had to deal with tonight has pushed me to do this.

I won’t link the tumblr, I’ll follow you guys, or send the link to my blog through skype. Hopefully this’ll end now. I just want a pleasant experience on!

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send this to an ex, crush, friend, parent, sibling, cousin, teacher. it works for all.


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villagertrillian sent: Yo that's pretty creepy just watching and stalking someone. Those are bad manners you know.

Right? It’s like a year on, oh my gosh!






hey guys, i just had a crappy experience on club tortimer.
i showed up here and this person immediately went to leilani and planned to go on a tour, but never did. she asked if she could “try on” my dress, which is a pattern. i told her that and she said fuck you, youre a liar.

at this point i was ready to leave but i COULDNT LEAVE. until a-wwow went on her tour, i couldnt. she told me to give her all my bells. i said no, and she kept me there, repeatedly yelling at me for my bells.
eventually i just turned my ds off because thats bullshit.

if you see this user while on club tortimer, id advise you to leave immediately. same goes for anyone who locks you in the island.

I’m not sure if people know this but if someone tries to trap you you can flick the switch and disconnect. You’ll get an error message but if you put all your things in the basket everything will be there, so don’t worry about people who try to trap you because you can still have all your things.

Also you can put things in the basket from the side, so just do that, say see you later sucker and flick that switch.

Reblogging this to add that there is an option while on the island to block someone from being on the island with you again.

Press the green button in the bottom left hand corner of the bottom screen; it has three people shapes on it.

Press the name of the person you would like to block

A text bubble will come up that says

"From here, you can select a player currently on the island that you don’t want to meet when next you visit."

Hit “next”.

"If you choose to block that person, you won’t randomly be matched up with him or her the next time you visit the island."

Hit “next”.

"Would you prefer not to run into PLAYER NAME from TOWN NAME the next time you visit the island?"

Hit “yes”.

"Are you sure you want to adjust your settings so that you never run into PLAYER NAME from TOWN NAME on the island again?"

Hit “yes”.

"Your settings have been updated so that you don’t run into PLAYER NAME from TOWN NAME on the island next time you visit."

Tap “OK!”

The person is now blocked! Be aware there doesn’t seem to be a way to unblock that person.

#shes prolly 9 give her some slack

I’m sorry for being blunt but that is a shitty reason to defend her shitty behavior. There is no excuse for such poor manners and behavior, no matter how old the player is.

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Aww man! I really want to get into Anpanman, and there’s this really cute minor character who’s a kabuki dancer object head

(and we all know how much I love those)

But I can’t find any info on him. ;__;

epesi sent: You know what, you can honestly say whatever you want about me. It's probably true to an extent. But to say that the rest of the group was shitty to you is the deepest of insults. They tried their hardest to be good friends to you to the very end, when you stabbed them all in the back. You can try to tell yourself you're the victim, but I think you know that's not the case.


you were all kind of shitty to me to be honest?? I left when no one stood up for me and you all came after me and harassed me??? That sounds pretty shitty to me!!!! What are you even doing on my blog, anyway? ouo

I wrote a small thing in the tags of a post on MY OWN BLOG and you still feel the need to come after me after all this time!! Good on you!! Do you feel better now??


i wear the maid outfit in this relationship

Anonymous sent: That's okay! We feel the same way about you. uwu

Haha, did you seriously come on to my blog just to tell me that? And on anon no less?

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